Yacine Aouadi

Yacine Aouadi Yacine Aouadi

Yacine Aouadi was born in 1980 in the northern suburbs of Marseilles, the youngest of five children in a family of Algerian origin. He left home when he was 25 to study at the Studio Berçot fashion school. After receiving his diploma he was recruited as a fashion designer by the French Haute Couture fashion house…Balmain.

Today, motivated by the desire to express himself differently than through someone else’s fashion studio, he has created his own, eponymous fashion house as an assertion of a particular conviction: Haute Couture fashion can constitute a credible and peaceful alternative, where you can give time to time... timeless luxury.

An Haute Couture creation as an end in itself, not a fairy story, nor a laboratory of ideas, only the search for a modern and sophisticated look, cleared of all clichés, with collections favouring details, rather than demonstrations. Where the garment is above all a reflection of a particular taste, a personality embodied by its singularity 

His natural inclination for skilled manual trades and arts and crafts, privileges the exception as an antidote to standardisation. A realistic, lucid and contemporary vision of a hybrid style between urban and fashionable.

In 2016 Yacine Aouadi was the first guest of honour of the OpenMyMed Festival, which he opened with a double exhibition, at the Mucem and at Château Borély.

In 2019 he's taking charge of the artistic direction of OpenMyMed19 exhibition and fashion show : "Opus on fashion creation in the Mediterranean"

He's also entering in the Board of Directors the same year.  

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Yacine Aouadi Yacine Aouadi