Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux

Public Relations and Sponsorship - Initiator of the Maison Mode Méditerranée - 1988


Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux has played a central role in the Maison Mode Méditerranée MMM.

As a visionary, in 1986 she gives to herself the goal of making Marseille a fashion city where culture would be a booster of images to develop education in the fashion industry, to support emerging and confirmed brands and to link business.

She laid the foundation stone of the building with the creation of the fashion museum and its patrimony, she also chose young conservatives free to reinvent the fashion show. Then, she establishes a solid address book and federates influential personalities from every sides of the fashion industry to support and train the young fashion entrepreneurs settled in Provence and on the Mediterranean basin.

Then, she partnered with leading experts and set up the OpenMyMed Prize contest in this legitimate geography from Marseille, initiation of an endowment that the laureates do not integrate from the start of their business and the analysis of a platform for their brands identity.

In 2016, a new job is starting after the launch of the OpenMyMed Festival which is unveiling to the general public new creative talents, invited and free to choose the way to present their secret moodboard, the curator artists with whom they collaborate or would like to collaborate and the key vault : Why Yacine Aouadi, Simon Porte Jacquemus or Christelle Koché like Marseille?

In 2019, she passes the baton to a new team that will continue to draw from the Mediterranean cultural roots and to reinvent the future of the Maison Mode Méditerranée.

Knight in the National Order of Merit and Knight of the Legion of Honor, Maryline Bellieud Vigouroux is finally joining the Board of directors of the Maison Mode Méditerranée.


Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux - Mediterranean Fashion Prize from MMMM on Vimeo.

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