Muriel Piaser

Muriel-Piaser-portrait ©Anne Loubet

Muriel Piaser, Global Fashion Developer & Referent Expert OPENMYMED PRIZE.
Muriel Piaser is an international business consultant, expert in fashion, public relations and international brands development strategies. She is known for her major actions as Exhibitions Director of the famous trade show «Prêt-à-porter Paris» for more than 15 years in France but also in New-York and Tokyo.
Mainly working with emerging talents, international tradeshows, fashion council, specialized in women Ready-to-Wear and Accessories.
She is a member of MMM experts team and since 2010 has supported M Lab, as well as OPENMYMED PRIZE laureates (M Major and MFP).

Muriel Piaser - Mediterranean Fashion Prize from MMMM on Vimeo.

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Muriel-Piaser-portrait ©Anne Loubet