Marketing Consultant - General Manager of the Maison Mode Méditerranée - 2019

Jayne Estève Curé

© Jayne Estève Curé © Jayne Estève Curé

Graduated from both the French Higher School of Fashion Industries and the French Fashion Institute, Jayne Estève Curé has been passionate for twenty five years about fashion and she has built her career in France and internationally around 3 main themes : Education (both initial and professional); Creation (mentoring young creators and fashion designers); and Communication (Fashion tours, VIP personal shopping and international conferences).


With her international expertise, which concerns both strategy and operations, she has created and manages an agency that groups together a number of activities; including training, analyses and studies, advisory services, coaching and the organisation of fashion related events.


An international speaker in London, Istanbul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Canton, Bangkok, and Chennai, since 1995 she also teaches strategy, systems, marketing & fashion culture at the following institutions: the French Institute of Fashion in Paris; the EIMlL - International School of Luxury Marketing and Management in Paris; the Mod'art fashion design school in Paris; MOD'SPE Paris Fashion Business School;  Mode en Duo at the Lycée Sévigné at Tourcoing in Northern France; Ensait the Higher national school of textiles arts and industries at Rubaix in Northern France; Ista the Higher Institute of Textile Alsace; Istanbul Fashion Academy; and the Bangkok International Fashion Academy.

She also teaches applied marketing to creators and fashion designers at the following institutions: ENSAD the Higher National School of Decorative Arts in Paris; the Studio Berçot private school of fashion design in Paris; Central St Martins in London; and at Southampton University, England. 


As a specialist in professional training in the fashion industry, covering « culture, products, sales, customers », she provides courses for employees of French fashion retail stores such as : Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, Claudie Pierlot, Sandro, Maje, Gerard Darel, Etam, Cosmoparis, Bocage, Petit Bateau, Esprit, Gap, Comptoir des Cotonniers.


In 2017 Jayne Estève Curé has joined the MMM's group of experts, and becomes a member of the the OpenMyMed Prize Jury. She has created and coordinated for the 20 laureates the workshop « Brand Strategy Support » which included both strategic and operational elements. Her exceptional and unique method helped the young fashion designers and creators to improve and fine-tune their signature creativity and their brand content. From this process they developed an unique creativity and story, a fertile base for the optimization and the evolution of their brand content. Since 2018 this Brand Strategy Support workshop became the central pivot of the Fashion Booster Academy with the aim of focusing only on the essential elements necessary to create and optimize a business model. The conceptual structure of this model must be original and attractive : It is the keystone necessary in the creation of a potentially viable strategy, and the solid base on which the Laureates can develop their careers. 


In 2019 Jayne Estève Curé became the General Manager of the MMM.

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© Jayne Estève Curé © Jayne Estève Curé