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Lucien Pagès

Lucien Pagès ©Julien T. Hamon

Creator of the PR and Communications Agency of the same name, Lucien Pagès started off in the fashion world as an assistant to the Artistic Director Marc Ascoli. With no previous experience in PR, he began his career after meeting the Fashion Designer Adam Kimmel, who became his first client. Today, Lucien Pagès represents a number of well-known brand names, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Loewe, Sacai, Courrèges, Lemaire, Missoni, Jacquemus, Koché and Vanessa Seward. He obtained his Trade Association Diploma in 1997.

In 2018, he will renew his support for the MMMM in terms of managing press relations for the OpenMyMed Festival. 

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Lucien Pagès ©Julien T. Hamon