Christelle Kocher

Koché Partenaires

Koché is a French 'couture-à-porter' high-fashion ready-to-wear label which adapts the refinement of a certain history of couture fashion, the influence and energy of ‘street culture’, contemporary art, and the skills and know-how of the major crafts and arts Maisons in France. All of this is used to define a style of fashion which is feminine and comfortable. Koché mixes the codes of femininity and androgyny, with a particular accent on embroidered signature dresses. The embroideries are specially designed in collaboration with the crafts and art Maison Lemarié, where she is Artistic Director, Lesage and Montex.

In 2018 she will succeed Simon Porte Jacquemus and become the new Carte Blanche of OpenMyMed Festival.

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Koché Partenaires