Jérôme Pantalacci

© Jérôme Pantalacci © Jérôme Pantalacci

After obtaining a Masters Degree in Plastic Arts at Aix-en-Provence University, Jérôme Pantalacci started his career working with Roger Pailhas in his gallery in Marseilles, from 2001 until the gallery closed in 2005. In 1996 Pailhas had created the Art Dealers contemporary art trade show, and Pantalacci became involved in its organisation. When Roger Pailhas died in April 2005 and his gallery closed, the Art Dealers trade show also ceased to exist.
In 2007 Jérôme Pantalacci created the contemporary art trade show ART-O-RAMA at the Friche la Belle de Mai cultural centre in Marseilles, alongside Gaïd Beaulieu-Lambert, who had also worked with Roger Pailhas.
Pantalacci has run the trade show on his own since October 2011, supported by an artistic committee for the selection of the international galleries involved.
In 2017, ART-O-RAMA will be a partner of the OPENMYMED Festival, and will invite the MFP Laureate from Morocco and 2010 OPENMYMED PRIZE Laureate, Amina Agueznay, to present an exclusive piece at the contemporary art trade show from 26 August to 12 September. 

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© Jérôme Pantalacci © Jérôme Pantalacci