Guillaume de Sardes

© Guillaume de Sardes (2) © Guillaume de Sardes (2)

Guillaume de Sardes is a photographer, video maker, exhibition coordinator and writer. His novels have won several prizes, notably the François Mauriac Prize awarded by the Académie française. His artistic work covers the themes of the intimate, wandering and the night, and is regularly shown in France and abroad, in art galleries as well as in museums.
As a critic and an exhibition coordinator he has worked on projects linked to art videos with Harvard University, the Le Fresnoy national studio of contemporary arts in Tourcoing in Northern France, the HEAD-La Haute École d'art et de design Art and Design School in Geneva, the Beaux-Arts School in Paris, the Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris-Paris City Modern Art Museum, and the Centre d’art contemporain-Contemporary Arts Centre in Geneva. He currently organises the programme for the Photomed Festival in France and in the Lebanon, and is the editor of the Prussian Blue contemporary art magazine.

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© Guillaume de Sardes (2) © Guillaume de Sardes (2)