Sidney Toledano

CEO, Christian Dior Couture - 2010

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« Today fashion is global, and is enriched by the diversity of cultures around the world, The Mediterranean plays a key role on this international stage. From shore to shore, from continent to continent, the Mediterranean encourages the exchange of knowledge, skills and creativity. And this has been the same since Antiquity. The Mediterranean stands for a host of exceptional traditional skills; a treasure which we must protect, safeguard, and promote. I care a lot about Marseille. I like the richness of its culture, its energy and the palpable enthusiasm that you really feel when you are there. Fashion is appreciated in this city, even loved; it symbolises life. It was obvious and logical that Christian Dior Couture would become a partner and sponsor of the MMM. » 


Sidney Toledano-Mediterranean Fashion Prize from MMMM on Vimeo.

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