Françoise Montenay

President of the supervisory Board of Chanel SAS, President of CEW - 2010

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«Before I met Maryline Bellieud-Vigouroux, I knew very little about Marseille and its local fashion industry. She initiated me, and got me to love the city. I also discovered some very dynamic fashion labels and brands. Fashion in Marseille is different, because of the richness of its colours and the audacious ways they are put together: muted shades are used with the most vibrant colours. Dark grey works with violet, and aubergine with fuchsia. The fashion seems to be gorged with sunshine. Many Marseille designers use denim in their collections, evoking the colour of the sky. The clinging forms enhance women's curves and their sensuality. In the streets, the people of Marseille live free, liberated, refusing the diktats of Parisian fashion. Wearing makeup, often with dyed hair, they dare to do what others won't. And they enjoy their fashion in the sun.  It's carefree and joyful. Maryline has managed to create a network of loyal supporters around the MMM, experts, passionate personalities who fight to promote fashion in the Phoenician city. It is quite remarkable. With a mischievous look but always very elegant, she has lots of original ideas and a formidable perseverance. You can say no to her and she will listen and understand. Sometimes she will make changes to make sure that what she wants will actually get done. She is passionate about her city. »


6 Francoise Montenay - Chanel-Vimeo HD from MMMM on Vimeo.

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