Sakina M'SA


Sakina M"sa

Sakina M'sa offers a contemporary vision of fashion, combining ethics and aesthetics, personal and sustainable development. Sakina M'sa, who has chosen the concept of integration company, that belongs to the "social business", a movement initiated by Professor Yunus. Nobel Peace Prize, he intends to transform the economy in France and eventually in the world.

The "Social Buterfly" works according to the circular economy, with the recycling of large fabrics falls from luxury houses (St laurent, Balenciaga..) 

Her collections have been distributed for years in mythical concept stores: Maria Luisa, Franck & ls, BHV, Baycrews, ect ..

Sakina M'sa has spent the last 4 years developing her own concept store, "FRONT DE MODE", which intends to take part in a fashion revolution in Paris. A durable and desirable fashion that escapes the dead ends of luxury and bad taste.

In 2019, she's joining the Board of Directors of the Maison Mode Méditérranée.

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Sakina M"sa