Edith Garson

Master Craftsman Couturier - 2010

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« I am pleased to participate in the influence of the activities of the fashion industry and to support the projects of the MMM. In fact I have been part of this adventure since I met Maryline twenty five years ago. It has been a long and difficult road which has led us to this formidable opportunity to discuss and debate in our Board meetings with our young Managers as well as with the CEO's of Chanel and Dior. To talk about training and education with the French Institute of Fashion (Insitut Français de la Mode-IFM) and Aix-Marseille University (AMU).

The transmission of skills and know-how is part of the teaching process, but also takes place in the meetings we organise between the young labels from Marseille and their counterparts from the southern shores of the Mediterranean.»

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© D.R